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More than just a powerful English grammar checker, StyleWriter is a complete manuscript editor that plugs directly into all versions of Microsoft Word (MSWord). StyleWriter runs on YOUR computer and NEVER needs an Internet connection to use all of its powerful editing features.

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Compatible with Windows and MS-Word World's Largest Style and Usage checker
Compatible with all versions of Office and Microsoft Word.
StyleWriter searches for thousands of common and uncommon writing errors, including complex words, jargon and abstract words, wordy phrases, hidden verbs, passive verbs, clichés and long sentences. It then pops up advice showing you how to edit each sentence. Using StyleWriter typically cuts 25 percent of the words from the document and removes the stale writing habits so common in organizational writing. It's just like having a professional editor sit down next to you and highlight all of your writing problems in your document.

StyleWriter comes with three versions: the USA version; U.K. version, and Australian version. When you install StyleWriter, you can set the appropriate language setting.

This part of our web site explains all about StyleWriter and how its plethora of powerful features can help you—pro or amateur / writer or non-writer—edit and polish your writing into clear and concise English.

We will cover all features and benefits of StyleWriter. We will first explain the components of StyleWriter in our "What Is StyleWriter?" section. Next, we will cover all of StyleWriter's features and benefits in our "Features of StyleWriter" section. Thirdly, we will show you video demonstrations of how StyleWriter works in our "Videos / Demos" section. Lastly, we will encourage you to download a free trial of StyleWriter or buy a copy of StyleWriter as an immediate download or have a copy shipped to you.

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